Sunday, August 18, 2013

Introducing The Historic Hoosier Bridges Website


       After several years of dreaming and planning to develop a site to share and display historic bridges in the state of Indiana, Historic Hoosier Bridges has come to fruition. With the help of my son Andrew, who is the computer wiz of the operation, I have officially taken "the plunge". And while this site will be a work in progress, I do hope that followers will like what they see and will return again and again to view a site that will only get better as time goes by...And I figure out just what the heck I'm doing! Adding these bridges and the pages that go with them is a very labor intensive task to say the least, and I have referred to it as being a second job. But this is a "Labor of Love" that encompasses some 35 years in which these bridges have been a part of my life. I plan to add features such as an interactive state map that will allow visitors to click on any of the state's 92 counties and see any bridges that are a part of this site. I have started alphabetically and am working my way through these counties adding any spans that I currently have photos and information about in my personal files. I am also encouraging fellow pontists and followers to submit pictures and information on other historic bridges that they would like to see included as well. The Contact Us tab at the top of the website gives my email address where submissions can be sent. I also encourage comments and suggestions of any type as I see these as being valuable in making this site better in the future.

       As for the Historic Hoosier Bridges blog... I appreciate those who have followed us for the past couple years. I apologize for the long silence that has occurred while I have been focused on getting the website up and running, and while I have worked an enormous number of hours this year at my real job! I plan on keeping this blog going and hope to even incorporate it into the Historic Hoosier Bridges site. I also have an Historic Hoosier Bridges group on Flickr that I would encourage you to visit as well at this link:

      Again I want to say Thank You to everyone who has visited this blog or the other HHB sites. I do expect that the best is yet to come and I hope that you will continue to be a part of it!