Sunday, July 17, 2011

New Home Needed

Of the many historic truss bridges that are sitting abandoned in Indiana, few are as impressive as the Vera Cruz Bridge in Wells County. Standing proudly on a bypassed segment of State Road 301, this 1887 Whipple truss iron bridge deserves a better fate. Although still very solid to walk across, the trees are taking over the bridge and I'm afraid without intervention they will be the demise of this landmark. The bridge is listed on the INDOT Historic Bridge Marketing site as available, but I'm not sure if it's still owned by the state or is now county property.

There are several covered and metal bridges owned and maintained by the state on DNR properties. Currently, the finishing touches are being placed on the relocated Portersville Bridge that is now a part of Charlestown State Park in Southeastern Indiana. That being said, the nearby Quabache State Park would be a perfect home for the Vera Cruz Bridge. There it could stay over the iconic Wabash River just upstream from it's current location, and be enjoyed by the many visitors to the park.

Let's just hope the right people see this Blog!

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