Sunday, August 7, 2011

Dunbar Covered Bridge Damaged

It would seem there is an epidemic this year of over-sized trucks attempting to cross historic covered bridges.

For the second time in the past few weeks, a West-central Indiana covered bridge has been damaged by a tractor-trailer that had no business even attempting to cross it. This time it was Putnam County's Dunbar Bridge that was involved in the mishap. Fortunately, it appears that damage was limited to the portals and should be easily repaired. In this case, the driver actually called to inform authorities as to what had happened. The firm that he drives for has already alerted it's insurance company and that damages should be covered. The bridge remains open at this time.

This comes on the heels of not one, but two overweight trucks attempting to cross Parke County's Jackson Covered Bridge. The first truck became stuck inside and damaged most of the overhead lateral braces. A couple weeks after that another semi crossed the bridge and broke the remaining braces that had escaped damage the first time. This driver didn't stop but was later arrested in Rockville. Here again, hopefully insurance will be available to cover the repairs. And hopefully all 3 drivers will be disciplined for their lack of judgement.

Here is the story with a photo from the Greencastle Banner Graphic:

Amazingly, a comment posted in response to this article states that the same thing happened a few weeks back at the Dick Huffman Covered Bridge in Southern Putnam County!


  1. Why in heaven's name did those semi drivers need to be on those back roads in the first place?!!?

  2. I guess all of this summer heat was prime for breeding stupidity!

  3. Ugh! Can't believe there's another one! I can't believe the guy tried to run for it. At least he was caught!

  4. The Dunbar is back in the news again this morning Tony - Whats your take on the decision, love for the bridge or some unwillingness to spend anything?

  5. Yeah Wil... I saw the newspaper article from the 19th, but haven't heard how the meeting went.

    Putnam County has one of the nicer collections of historic bridges in the state, but an overall poor track record when it comes to maintaining them. They keep the covered bridges (just because they ARE covered bridges), but refuse to register list them and don't repair them "in-kind". They treat their steel bridges even worse, and despite being shown how cost effective they can be rehabilitated (Hibbs Ford), they have been brain-washed by a certain engineering firm that it shouldn't be done. They bypassed the unique Reelsville Bridge a couple years back but essentially put it in a hole where it is hard to photograph and enjoy. I am curious to see what kind of rehab is performed on the Baker's Camp Bridge, and if the added steel beams are removed. I just wish this county would "get it" before it is too late!